Supply Chain Partners adhere to the IFCP Charter, outlining a clear structure for the principles of compliance which support the supply chain. As a partner, you signify to your partners, employees and end-hirers that you are committed to the highest standards or professionalism and ethical procedure.


The IFCP Preferred Suppliers List

Becoming a partner entails compliance, commitment and consistency in operating under a constitution of ethical behaviour, and as a result supply chain partners enjoy the extensive benefits of being an IFCP accredited member, its commercial advantages, and the trust of industry-wide freelance contractors.

The IFCP Supply Chain Partners are a community of mutually agreed business partners who adhere to the IFCP Code of Compliance, therefore qualifying for the Preferred Supplier List (PSL) and having the ability to work closely and exclusively with IFCP Accredited Members.

Below you will find the existing signatories of the IFCP Charter: