The IFCP’s mission to ensure your business is fully compliant, adheres to the Charter, and shows you are making the right commitment to freelance contractors in your sector.


Becoming IFCP Accredited

In order to become an IFCP Accredited Member, businesses must undergo independent and professional testing, so every IFCP member already adheres to the IFCP Code of Compliance.

The IFCP is recognised as the UK’s leading professional association for umbrella companies, contractor accountants, and payroll providers; complete with an exclusive list of Accredited Members.

The IFCP Code of Compliance

The IFCP Code of Compliance ensures all members and partners operate under the strictest sense of compliance and are nationally recognised as the UK’s leading code of professional business compliance. The IFCP Code of Compliance is the leading choice for preferred suppliers for numerous reasons:

- Annual independent testing ensuring full compliance
- Developed in partnership with HMRC
- Industry leading expert regulatory professionals
- Strict maintenance in line with suspension or expulsion of members found to be non-compliant


Why choose IFCP Accredited Members

IFCP Accredited Members are entitled to the following benefits:

- The highest compliance standards in the UK
- In accordance with regulatory procedures and HMRC
- Availability of industry leading insights and expertise
- Independently reviewed by regulated professionals