Accreditation Membership under the IFCP entitles your business to a range of exceptional benefits, whilst continuing to assure contractors that you are an industry leader, a compliant practitioner, and a trusted member of the contracting community.



Accreditation through the IFCP is the most desirable, recognised and trusted standard of achieving the respect and professional status required to operate within the professional employment services sector, and for the appropriate reason. Accredited Members of the IFCP have been certified and professionally recognised throughout the industry following intensive, independent reviews from regulated specialists. The audit is reported to HMRC and adheres to the Code of Compliance under IFCP regulations. Membership highlights a company’s status as a leading business operating in the contracting community, the importance and relevance of their compliance procedures, and validates them as the most trustworthy and reliable businesses for the extensive group of contractors throughout the UK.

The IFCP Logo:
A Symbol of Credibility

Accredited Members of the IFCP are granted exclusive status which entitles them to use our logo as an official seal of approval.

Our logo is recognised throughout the industry, and therefore stands as a symbol of credibility, trust, and status, marking companies as the most respected businesses within the industry. In order to obtain access to the logo as an Accredited Member, please contact our CEO via [email protected]


Qualifying for Accredited Member Status

Applicants must prove their commitment to the IFCP Code of Compliance and pass the regulatory tests required to seat companies upon the directory of trusted and certified members.

Applications are independently assessed through equally independent professionals and specialists. Independent testing allows the IFCP to fully commit to its members and partners, assuring them of their acclaimed status within the industry.

The IFCP Code of Compliance is specific to three business models: umbrellas, accountancy, and CIS/self-employed. All applicants must ensure each area of their company adheres to the Code of Compliance during this process.

Once you are an Accredited Member

Upon successful completion of the correct checks in line with the IFCP Code of Compliance, full IFCP Accredited Membership is awarded along with the exclusive status for future business operations:

  • - Exclusive IFCP logo usage
  • - Full IFCP membership certificate
  • - Industry insights, access to events, and promotion of your company within our community of nationwide practitioners
  • - Listed as an Accredited Member of the IFCP


Maintaining your Accredited Member Status

We carry out annual checks in line with the IFCP Code of Compliance, therefore ensuring every member is adhering to ethical and professional standards of practice. Through continued membership, you will ensure consistent status as a trusted and specialist business within the contracting community.

Get in Touch

The IFCP strives to engage with new applicants on a regular basis, and we want to hear from companies working towards an exclusive and trusted status. Become an Accredited Member of the IFCP and reap the benefits of promotion within our extensive community.